Hi there, I'm Corine

I live, breathe, eat & sleep natural wellness for dogs

So what is Redwood Ranch

and why should I care?

What is Redwood Ranch?

Redwood  Ranch is here to help you if you:

  • Feel a bit lost when it comes to taking care of your dog using the least amount of chemicals possible 

  • Feel like there’s not enough support for you in regards to taking care of your dog naturally

  • Are worried about getting good advice

  • Want to learn everything there is to know about natural wellness for dogs

How will Redwood Ranch help me with my problems?


Free blog posts  on subject matters like these:

  • Nutrition 

  • Herbs & Homeopathy

  • Essential oils

  • Massage & Acupressure

1:1 Services:

  • Dog Psycharomatica sessions

Premium coaching courses:

  • Wholesome Hound: natural wellness for dogs including everything you need to know using gentle, effective home remedies

So what's this Wholesome Hound course all about?

If you can learn how to read your dog and put things in place BEFORE your dog gets sick, then you can keep your dog healthier, he can live longer, and you can significantly decrease your vet bills.  

​You need to start looking at your dog as a whole, not as unconnected parts.  If you learn about preventative therapy, you can find imbalances and correct them before they become disease.

I'll take you through all the steps to learn how to “ask” your dog what is bothering him, and learn how to hear what he's telling you, as well as teach you how to decide what therapy suits him best in each situation so you can confidently care for him the most naturally possible.

Who is Redwood Ranch?

Redwood Ranch is me, Corine Graham. 

Why are you so passionate about natural wellness?


After my 4 year old dog, Fern, got lymphoma after a vaccination, I started researching why it happened and what I found was that for the past 20 years I had actually been exposing my dogs to so many chemicals and dangers and I had no idea!  I was shocked with what I found and I decided this couldn’t continue, I wasn’t willing to say goodbye to my dogs when they were still in the prime of their youth!


I looked everywhere but found that information on how to take care of my dog naturally, how to make sure they stayed healthy, was either hard to come by or scattered all over the place.


So I started taking courses, learning as much as I could, in order to help my dogs.  And I continue to find more techniques and continue learning to this day.

I don’t want you to go through what I went through with my Fern and I will do everything I can to help you keep your dog healthy and live a very long, full life.

I'm ready to learn! What next?

That's great to hear! I'm so glad you want to learn to take care of your dog naturally. 

The next step in your journey is to decide what options suits you right now:


  • I don't have time to embark on an in-depth learning journey, I just want a 1:1 consultation for the current issues my dog is having


  • I want to learn everything there is to know about natural wellness so I can take care of my dog at home, no matter what issue comes up